Saturday, 10 December 2011

PFF: Ramai Dengan Penonton Pelajar

The day was not friendly. Rain fell for a moment, then stopped, but soon returned with the swift fall from the sky. That does not stop Hammer Film Festival organizers to continue implement the activity. In fact, koorditor activities, Anca Eldiansyah Latif, seemingly calm.

Hammer Performance Building Cultural Park to place the event activity of PFF still looks deserted. The pews are still empty, only a few people who seemingly are busy preparing for projector and laptop. However, shortly afterwards a voice sounded noisy teenagers broke the silence. They are, the longer the number of teen-increasingly crowded into the building. With two-and four-wheeled vehicles in droves to places of PFF.

They are high school students in the city of Palu. That night, they look so excited. Comes with a variety of performances and the excitement of today's teenagers. Approximately five pulu people do not forget the student, before they sat on a bench, they capture the moment via a camera phone. There snap, snap ... here!

That day, 16 September 2011, recorded as early as the first time PFF implemented. This is not intended that Hammer as one of the city that has filmmakers, young filmmakers are talented, have an annual event that can appreciate the work of young creative cinematographer of short films from the city of Palu, and also the work of filmmakers from all over Indonesia. In fact, Head of Culture and Tourism of Palu in his speech, clearly very supportive of such activities. And look forward each year to be held on a regular basis.

The presence of youth (students) at the PFF, gives one hope for the development of film in the city of Palu. One student, Nurul, a State high school students revealed that Palu PFF which were extremely good. We can take the positives from the movies we watch. Continue, we become know the movies of Hammer and directed by children from outside the hammer, he added.

PFF this time presenting short films that won awards in various film festival. Hammer two children's film that is similar but not identical (Goddess Jackie) and the Wrong Day (Joseph Radjamuda), PFF also helped enliven this time. Today, 17 September, PFF will again presents four short films that is best Gara Gara-Flag, Ramadan Charity Box, Fullan, and Territorial Pissing. Later will be coupled with a discussion on the theme "A Critical Reading Through the Short Film" which will be attended by film makers, Cultural, and Historic pff film as a speaker at this evening. So let us support Palu Fim Festival to present at the last screening of short film works as a token of appreciation we are in the film City of Palu. Bravo! (Adhe / pleaded)


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