Saturday, 10 December 2011

Palu Contemporary

AN Tanwir. Pettalolo is one of the senior artists in Central Sulawesi, which until now continues to work productively. AN Tanwir. Pettalolo is familiarly called Bang Tan, currently living in two cities were conflicting with the very large differences in the character of the City of Donggala and Jakarta. Life in both cities greatly affect the ideas and character of his work. Bang Tan started the world of art as a homage to cubism artists, a stream of modern art avant-garde that began spreading in Europe diparuh the 1920's. The works of two dimensions have specific traits and characteristics. In line with the various activities that they do outside the world of art, and his involvement in the flow of other arts such as theater, music and dance, the creative process is also experiencing perkemabangan. Bang Tan, also known as a theater director who since the latter half of the 80's had a lot of drama drama memanggungkan conventional and contemporary theater.

The works from the Arts Council Program Director Donggala is initially much influenced by the works of Modigliani, and Picasso, Jackson Pollock, Ives Klein and Marchel Duchamp. In the last 15 years, his works and then move into a three dimensional space, are like installations, visual art and multimedia art.

At this Contemporary Palu, Bang Tan assisted by Johar Effendi, a senior at City Donggala musician who is familiarly called Jo Bang and Kemal will present an action masterpiece painting by adapting digital visual imagery that will rebound lacks the Blues music. Work of art is trying to liberate art from the various loads imposed dipundak messages always artists as a form of communication and public accountability. Freedom of expression and creativity to be an important message from this work, not only the audience but also to the artists themselves are sometimes weighed him to communicate the social and political issues. (Source: coord. Hammer Contemporary)


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